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Author Topic: MTN Simple Server on PC {Manageable tweak}  (Read 3196 times)

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Offline Spy_fficiL

MTN Simple Server on PC {Manageable tweak}
« on: December 03, 2013, 04:46:43 PM »
MTN  simple server[SS].
 Just download d modified Simple server
Stage 1: After downloading... Don't open/click on it... Just extract both SS.exe & SS.ini into the same folder.
Stage 2: Then configure ya browser/application e.g mozila.
Tools--->Options---Advance--->Network-->Settings: Under HTTP proxy use:
I.P:, Port: 8080 and MARK use for all protocol.
Stage 3: After all above is set... Plugin your modem to ur pc. Under ur modem software interface. Create NEW MESSAGE and follow any of d method below:
Method 1: Send FB0/fb0(zero digit) to 131 via ur modem interface as many times as possible[sim selective]
Method 2 : Send FB0/fb0 to 131 once... As soon as it stop browsing... Send STOP/stop to 131 and resend FB0/fb0 to 131 again continuously as this happen[Non sim selective]
Stage 4: Goto d folder u extract d SS.exe & SS.ini to....double click on SS.exe... A command window will open... Just wait a for sum seconds 4 it to load... Then minimize it and connect ur modem... Open ur browser[Mozilla] and browse any website u like.
I hope dis help till we find stable tweak to use.
Note: This tweak is not for downloading/downloads of large files... Just for causal browsing on PC and open HTTPS(SSL) websites.
All thanks to OUR S0URCE: BARBA.D for his work and research :thumbsup:


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